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ClearCorrect – Wethersfield, CT

Straighten Your Teeth Without People Noticing

When a dentist tells their patient that they may need orthodontic treatment, most people panic because the first thing that pops into their head is that they’ll need to wear metal brackets and wires for years before they’ll be able to reap the results of their treatment. Today, this isn’t the case for everybody, because there are more discreet and comfortable alternatives available, like ClearCorrect aligners. Just like Invisalign, ClearCorrect uses customized plastic trays to gradually shift your teeth and correct minor to moderate orthodontic issues. You can learn whether you’ll be a good candidate for this procedure by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Phadnis.

Why Choose Wethersfield Dental Group for ClearCorrect?

  • Custom-Fitted Clear Aligners
  • Dental Financing Available
  • Experienced & Friendly Dentist

What is ClearCorrect?

a close-up view of ClearCorrect aligners

ClearCorrect in Wethersfield is a system of aligners that is designed to address specific orthodontic issues that you face, like crowded, gapped, and misaligned teeth. Throughout your treatment, you’ll need to wear your trays for at least 22 hours a day, only taking them out whenever you eat or brush and floss your teeth. Every two weeks, you’ll switch to your next set of trays. We recommend doing this at night in case your teeth and gums get a bit tender, which will allow you to sleep through this short transition period.

Every six to eight weeks, you’ll come back into our office for a quick follow-up appointment and to pick up your new series of trays. This visit typically only lasts 15 to 20 minutes, and we’ll examine your mouth to make sure that you’re on-track with your treatment timeline.

Indications for ClearCorrect

a person putting ClearCorrect aligners in their mouth

ClearCorrect is a fairly versatile orthodontic treatment that can help patients who have mild to moderately severe crowding, gaps, or bite misalignment. The best way to learn whether this treatment can help you is to schedule a consultation with your dentist in Wethersfield, Dr. Phadnis. During your appointment, our team will examine your mouth, take X-rays and walk you through what your ClearCorrect journey will look like from beginning to end.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth not only make some smiles look imperfect, but they also create more nooks and crannies where plaque and tartar can become lodged, making it difficult to effectively brush and floss your teeth and increasing your risk of developing oral health problems.

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth can also increase your risk of developing cavities and gum disease, and by closing these spaces, you can gain a smile that looks more symmetrical.

Bite Misalignment

ClearCorrect aligners can address overbite, underbite, and crossbite, which when left untreated, can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and conditions like TMJ dysfunction and bruxism.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect

a person leaning on a kitchen counter and eating

ClearCorrect treatment offers many unique benefits to patients, including:

  • Shorter average treatment time than traditional braces.
  • Customizable treatment plans based on your needs.
  • Comfortable, discreet plastic orthodontic trays.
  • Enjoy all of your favorite foods while undergoing treatment.
  • Enhance your oral health by making brushing and flossing easier.
  • Shorter follow-up appointments, meaning less time spent in the dental office.

To learn more about this treatment, call our office today!

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