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3 Winter Mouth Issues, and How to Deal with Them

November 25, 2022

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Preparing for winter looks a little bit different for everyone. You could be buying new clothes, putting up holiday decorations, or stocking up on enough cider to last you through a month-long blizzard. What you might be forgetting, however, is to protect your teeth. Cold weather brings along with it a host of potential oral health issues. Fortunately, preventing these problems is easy! To help out, here are some of the most common oral health issues and how you can deal with them.

#1: Chapped Lips

Dry winter air acts like a sponge that sucks the moisture out of your skin. This can lead to painful, cracked lips.

To prevent chapped lips, you need to add a little bit of moisture. Of course, lip balms with SPF protection can rejuvenate your skin; but there are other ways to address chapped lips as well. On top of its other health benefits, drinking more water can also keep your lips looking soft. Finally, if you have especially dry skin, you might benefit from a humidifier that can add a little bit of moisture to the air.

#2: Sensitive Teeth

If you’ve gone overboard on soda or sweets, your enamel may have begun to erode. Wearing away the top layer of your teeth exposes the dentin underneath. The nerves that fill the inside of your tooth will have more contact with outside air, making you sensitive to heat and cold. If you feel a twinge of pain when you step outside or when sipping hot cocoa, you should invest in a toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. These contain ingredients that can protect the interior of your teeth, reducing sensitivity.

#3: Dry Mouth

The same air that chaps your lips can also lead to dry mouth. That can be a problem, as the body uses saliva to carry away food particles. Without it, you could deal with an increase in plaque buildup. The best way to keep your mouth from drying out is to drink lots of water. Get a flask or water bottle and fill it with warm water; that’ll keep you hydrated and will keep you out of the cold.

Your teeth need a little bit of protection when temperatures start to fall. Keep this guide in mind, and preventing oral health issues should be easy this winter.

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